Product Detail

Nominal body diameter  40 мм
Accuracy class  2,5
Dust and moisture protection- IP65
Connection thread M10 * 1 (basic) - other threads on request  
Turnkey square size, mm  11 мм
Choke location  center-axial  
Resistant to climatic influencesVersion Y2 in accordance with GOST 15150-69 (when filled with glycerin) - version  УХЛ1 in accordance with GOST 15150-69 (when filling PMS-300)
Temperature range of the measured medium, оС (we recommend connecting the device to a pressure source by means of a cooling outlet)  From -50 to +120 оС (when filled with glycerin) From -50 to +150 oC (when filling PMS-300)  
Ambient temperature range, оС  
Damping fluid  - glycerin - PMS-300 Vibration proof    
ApplicationSuperior Performance With Vibration, Pulsation, Shock  
Vibration proof  Group V4 according to GOST R 52931-2008
Working measuring ranges  Constant load - 100% of the scale Variable load - 2/3 scale Short-term load - 110% of the scale
Average service life  10 years
Weight, no more  0,1 KG
Body material Shell  Stainless stee Rolled, stainless steel
Glass  Organic  
Tubular springCopper alloy Up to 10 MPa semi-turn From 16 to 60 MPa multiturn  
Fitting, tribo-sector mechanism  Copper alloy  
Clock face  White painted aluminum alloy

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