Product Detail

Range:-1...0 / 0... 40 bar
Process temperature:-45°C...+150°C.
Accuracy:(add to instrument accuracy) ±0,5% for direct mounting; ±1% for capillary mounting.  
Instrument connection:Aisi 316L 1/2” BSP F.
Diaphragm material:-AISI 316 L -Hastelloy C276. -AISI 316 l with PTFE film . -Tantalum.  
Gaskets:PTFE up to 250ºC; Buna S over 250º C.
Process connection:-AISI 316 L. -AISl 316 L PTFE coated. -Hastelloy C276.  
Clamp nuts and bolts:en AISI 304
Filling liquids: see “FILLING LIQUIDS” table.
Capillary (remote mounting): -AISI 304 without cover. -AISI 304 covered with AISI 304 armor. --AISI 316 covered with AISI 304 armo

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