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Ranges-30"Hg to 1,000 psig
Accuracy0.1% to full scale
Repeatability0.03% of full scale
Sensitivity0.01% of full scale
Hysteresis0.0.1% of full scale for ranges of 150 psi and below 0.2% of full scale for 200 psi and above
Maximum temperature effect0.1% of full scale per 10◦C/18◦F C change from reference temperature 23◦C/73.4◦F
Scale length30" through two pointer revolutions
Dial diameter6"
Pressure element volumeRanges 150 psi and below:6.9 cc with pointer at zero; 8.6 cc, at full scale Ranges 200 psi and above: 10 cc. For the range 1-125" water only: 6.3 cc with pointer at zero; 8.0 cc, at full scal
Case Connections150 psi and below, 1/8" female NPT; 200 psi and above, 1/4" female NPT. Both have a built-in stainless steel filter and are located in the bottom of the case.
Zero AdjustmentA zero adjustment is accessible through the front of the case.
Weight and Shipping WeightApprox. 8 lbs.
 Options·  Calibration is offered in most metric units at no extra cost. ·  ·  Also available installed in a compact carrying case with a mounted panel for the gauge. The cover is easily removed and connections can be made without removing the gauge from the case. · 

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