Product Detail
Pressure gauge:-0.1~0...1.0...100Mpa,Details refer to selection guide
Pressure type:Pressure,Negative pressure ,Absolute pressure
Overload capacity:<25Mpa 150%;≥25Mpa 120%
Precision grade:0.2%FS ,0.4FS
Long term stability:0.2FS/Year
Supply voltage:4.5V (3 batteries of AA) or USB powered
Battery life:≥18 months(depending on specific working conditions).
Sampling frequency:3items/sec(user adjustable)
Display screen:5 bit LCD screen
Backlight color:white
Measuring medium:Gas,liquid,oil and other non corrosive mediums Of stainless steel
Electromagnetic compatibility:Anti electromagnetic interference design,accord with EN61326
Data memory:Permanent EEPROM
Peak record:yes
Case material:304 stainless steel
Interface material304 stainless steel
Product features:
Backlight ,start up/shut down,unit switching,peak recording, pressure percentage display

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