Product Detail
Nominal size in ( mm ) 160 мм
Connection type thread-M20 * (1.5) (basic)   -Other custom threads
Explosive mixtureClass A and class IIa T1, T2, T3, T4 about gost r MEC 679-19-2001, gost R 51330.5-99, gost r MEC 60079-11-2010
Explosion zone for facilities and external devicesCategories 1 and 2 are classified according to gost R 51330.9-99
Dust proof degreeIP54 pressure gauge input and instrument compartment
Accuracy class(1.0) (customization)   (1.5) (basic)
Square size under key, mm17 мм
Explosion proof typeExplosion proof enclosure
Explosion proof sign1Ех d IIВ Т4 Gb
Pipe Joint LocationRadial
ApplicationDesigned for gas and liquid media and has a pressure measurement range of 0 to 1 bar
Climate impact resistanceExecution 1 according to national standard 15150-69
Measurable medium temperature range, OS) [it is recommended that you connect the instrument to the pressure source by exhaust coolerL1 group gost R 52931-2008
Ambient temperature rangeFrom - 60 to + 60 оС
Anti vibrationL1 group gost R 52931-2008
Measurement scopeFixed load - 100% scale   Alternating load - 23 scales   Short time load - 110% scale
Average life span6 years
Weight, not more than3.2kg
Contact TypeSubstrate -( tape compression)   Sliding contact (custom)
Maximum voltage of rectifier current-220 V DC   -AC 380V
Current intensity, not exceeding-1A contact magnetic compression   -Sliding contact 0.5A
Maximum breaking power of contactMagnetic compression:   -30 watts DC   -50 Watt AC   Sliding contact:   -10 watts DC   20 Watt Pere.
Allowable error range of electric contact line action,% display rangeContact with magnetic compression + / - 4%   -Moving contacts + / - 2.5%
Shell materialYellow aluminum alloy
ShellGrey steel, fastening threaded housing
GlassOrganic compound
Tubular springCopper alloy   -10 MPa half turn   -Multi turn from 16 to 60 MPa
Three way sector mechanismCopper alloy
Clock dialWhite aluminum alloy
Cable installationCurrent wiring: helix terminal clamp   Fixed cable:   Cable laying pipe   -Methyl chloroform was cultured.

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