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Size4” & 6” (100 & 160 mm)
RangesVacuum / Compound to 300 psi (20 bar) Pressure from 6” H2O (16 mbar) to 100" H2O (250 mbar), 6" (160 mm) flange diameter Pressure from 6 psi (400 mbar) to 360 psi (25 bar), 4” (100 mm) flange diameter or other equivalent units of pressure or vacuum
DialWhite aluminum with black lettering
WindowLaminated safety glass with Buna-N gasket
PointerBlack aluminum, adjustable - Type 432.50 Black aluminum, non-adjustable - Type 433.50
Weather protectionWeather resistant (NEMA 3 / IP54) - dry case Weather tight (NEMA 4X / IP66) - liquid-filled case  
Case fillStandard dry Glycerine 86.5% - Type 433.50
MovementMaterial: stainless steel
Working pressureSteady: full-scale value Fluctuating: 0.9 x full-scale value
Over pressure safety5 x full-scale value, not exceeding 600 psi (40 bar)
Pressure connection and lower diaphragm housing Material: 316L SS Lower mount (LM) ½” NPT female
Case and upper diaphragm housingMaterial: stainless steel Case with pressure relief disc and stainless steel bayonet ring
Accuracy± 2.5% of span  
Operating temperatureAmbient: -4°F to +140°F (-20oC to +60oC) Medium: +212°F (+100oC) maximum Storage: -40o to +158°F (-40oF to +70oC) -4oF to + 158oF (-20oC to +70oC) for ranges ≤25 H2O (60mbar)
Diaphragm element  ≤ 100” H2O (250 mbar): 316 SS with PTFE lining > 100” H2O (250 mbar): Inconel® (NiCr-alloy) with PTFE lining All ranges with FPM (Viton) sealing gasket    
Application1.With liquid filled case for applications with high dynamic pressure pulsations or vibration 2.Suitable in corrosive environments for gaseous, liquid or highly viscous media. 3.Process industry: chemical/petrochemical, power stations, mining, on and offshore, environmental technology, mechanical engineering and plant construction

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