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DesignEN 837-3
Nominal size in mm100, 160
Accuracy classModel 422.12: 1.6 Model 423.12: 2.5 (option 1.6)
Scale ranges0 ... 16 mbar to 0 ... 250 mbar (flange Ø 160 mm) 0 ... 400 mbar to 0 ... 40 bar (flange Ø 100 mm) or all other equivalent vacuum or combined pressure and vacuum ranges
Pressure limitationSteady: Full scale value Fluctuating: 0.9 x full scale value
Over pressure safety3 x full scale value, however max. 40 bar
Permissible temperature Ambient: -20 … +60 °C Medium: +100 °C maximum Storage: -40 ... +70 °C (scale ranges ≤ 60 mbar: -20 ... +70 °C)
Temperature effectWhen the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature (+20 °C): max. ±0.3 %/10 K of the span
Process connection with lower measuring flangeSteel, lower mount, G ½ B (male), SW 27
Pressure element≤ 2.5 bar: Stainless steel 1.4571 > 2.5 bar: Stainless steel 1.4568
Pressure chamber sealing  NBR  
MovementCopper alloy, wear parts argentan
DialAluminium, white, black lettering
PointerAluminium, black
Case with upper measuring flangeGrey cast iron, black
WindowInstrument glass
RingBayonet ring, stainless steel, black
Filling liquid (for model 423.12)Glycerine 86.5 %
ApplicationUsed for low pressure ranges. Through the large working surface of the circular, corrugated diaphragm element, small pressure ranges can be measured reliably.

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